Walking Expeditions

Walking is the main stay of the Dofe awards and still remains the most popular way of completing an expedition at each level of the award.

We will design a programme of training and expeditions especially for your DofE group at either BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD. We will work with you to choose a suitable location for your group and ensure that our comprehensive approach makes the whole process for group leaders as easy as possible.

You may be looking for something in your local area or you may want to visit a new and more adventuorus location. We can deliver the expeditions in many areas of the UK and have experience from the South Downs, North Wales, The Peak District, Dartmoor, Thetford Forest, Ashdown Forest and the Highlands of Scotland.

DofE Bronze Walking Expedition

  • 1 – 2 days pre-expedition training (completed over a weekend or two separate days)
  • 2 day practice expedition
  • 2 day qualifying expedition

DofE Silver Walking Expedition

  • 1 – 2 days pre-expedition training (completed over a weekend or two separate days)
  • 3 day practice expedition
  •  3 day qualifying expedition

DofE Gold Walking Expedition

  •  2 days pre-expedition training (completed over a weekend or two separate days)
  •  4 day practice expedition
  •  5 day qualifying expedition (first day would act as a final training day / refresher day)

The level and duration of training may need to be extended dependent on the group’s ability and experience, the locationa used and the level of the award; likewise participants with proven walking / navigation experience or having completed a Silver walking expedition may have a reduction in training. The overall cost would be reflective of this.

What is included on every walking expedition?

  •  DofE Expedition presentation to parents and young people at a location or venue suitable to you.
  • Comprehensive pre-expedition paperwork for participants and parents; including consent forms, kit lists, Q and A’s.
  • All health and safety paperwork completed; including risk assessments.
  • Pre-checked routes and campsites by experienced and competent staff
  • Advice on what location and route would be suitable to the level of the award and experience of the participants.
  • Assistance with expedition paperwork; including OP notifications and green forms.
  • High quality training from experienced outdoor professionals and instructors.
  • Clear easy to understand training materials and handouts for participants.
  • Supervision throughout the expeditions from experienced, friendly and reliable instructors.
  • Assessors for the qualifying expedition Campsite fees.

Use of group and personal kit, which includes the following:

  • Tents
  • Stoves, pans and fuel
  • Group first aid kit
  • Group Shelters
  • Waterproof dry bags
  • Map and compass
  • Presentation award night organised at your venue / location
  • Help and advice for the young people and parents throughout the expedition process.Cost£43.00 per day per person on any training or expedition

Bronze = £215.00
Silver = £344.00 per person for the full programme
Gold = £473.00 per person for the full programme

Bespoke costs for groups only looking for training or just one or both expeditions provide.